By adding the Cruise Pack to your policy you will have additional cover available under the relevant benefit section.

The definition of Cancellation Expenses is extended to include pre-paid, non-refundable and unused portion of cruise activities and day excursions and we will provide a daily contribution to the additional expenses when a doctor deems it necessary for you to be confined to your cabin on your cruise for more than a day due to an accidental injury or sickness.

Medical costs onboard

When you book your cruise, you probably aren’t thinking about the medical facilities on board. We hope you never have to use them, but if you do, know that you’ll be charged separately by the cruise line for those services. Then, if you have a condition serious enough to require evacuation, an air ambulance evacuation from the ship or back home to Australia can cost up to $85,000 – and that’s before the medical bills.

Your luggage doesn’t arrive

Delayed baggage can become more than just an inconvenience on a cruise. If your bag is a few hours or even a day late catching up with you on your holiday, it’s often not a big drama. A few toiletry purchases at the gift shop and you can last until your bag arrives. However, if your ship sails before you get all your baggage back, it can make a huge difference to your cruise experience. Remember to check your policy limits and keep receipts to submit with your claim.

Unexpectedly, you can’t go on your cruise

What if after making your travel plans you are unable to go on your dream trip and need to cancel, ensuring you have travel insurance could help you recover your non-refundable pre-paid costs including pre-paid deposits. Chubb Travel Insurance provides cover for specified reasons that are outside of your control such as if you are rendered unfit to travel due to an accidental injury or sickness on the opinion of a doctor.

The above descriptions are a summary only. Terms, conditions and limits apply. Please read the Product Disclosure Statement for full details.