Korea Travel Apps You Need To Know About

When travelling overseas, your smartphone is your best friend. With the right apps, you can find your way around, you can communicate, and you can find out what’s best to see and do. Planning a trip to Korea? These are the must-have smartphone apps that you should not leave home without.

Making Yourself Heard

Don't speak fluent Korean? There are plenty of Korean-English dictionary apps to choose from, such as Naver Dictionary and the Korean English Dictionary App. Look up words in English or Korean, for easy communication on-the-go. Google Translate is another great option for anyone who doesn't speak Korean. Simply speak into the phone's microphone after selecting the to and from languages, and your phone will translate whatever you say.

Got friends in Korea? You'll need Kakaotalk. Working in much the same way as Viber or WhatsApp, this app makes chatting to friends in Korea easy.

Smartphone held by hand

Getting Around

Finding your way around a new city is never easy, and let's be honest, traditional paper maps are pretty useless. If you happen to know how to read Hangul (the Korean alphabet), Naver Maps and Daum Maps are your best bet for finding your way around Korea. These maps can tell you how to get from A to B, with helpful info on public transport options and traffic. Maps options for foreigners include Google Maps and Bing Maps, although these are not as detailed, or as easily searchable.

A dedicated public transport map can also be invaluable. Check out great apps such as Jihachul to navigate Seoul's metro system. Explore Seoul whilst being covered by Chubb Travel Insurance.

Where to Stay

If you choose not to pre-book your accommodation, having a good accommodation app can be a lifesaver. Check out the Airbnb app to find awesome options, such as a hanok homestay. Here, you can get a better taste of Korean culture than you would in a standard hotel room. HotelQuickly is another great app, perfect for finding cheap deals on last minute stays. Simply turn on the app to find the best room rate nearby, then pay with PayPal. Easy!

Seeing the Sights

If you plan to visit Korea, you'll definitely need the VisitKorea app! Created by the Korea Tourism Organisation, this handy app acts as smart tour guide, telling you where to go and what to see, depending on where you are in Korea. Want to save money on your trip? This app offers mobile coupons for shopping, dining and entertainment to give you some amazing discounts. Hungry? Be sure to download a Korean food app so that you know where to eat, what you're eating – and what to ask for!