White Water Rafting In Bali

With its spectacular backdrop, fascinating culture and gorgeous climate, Bali is the perfect holiday destination for many Aussies. While it may be a fairly small island, it definitely has something for everyone –seriously! Want to laze by the pool for two weeks? You’ve got it. Want to indulge in a day of spa pampering? No worries. Want to explore Balinese culture and heritage? Sorted. Want to get wild on an awesome adventure? Oh yeah!

Many Aussies like to go for more adventurous activities while visiting Bali, with one of the most popular options being white water rafting. White water rafting can be a fun family activity as well as an extreme one – it is very much dependent on the rapids, and the weather conditions. But before you head off on your white water rafting adventure in Bali, here are some things you need to know.

White Water Rafting

Make Sure You’re Covered

Purchasing a travel insurance policy should be on everyone’s to-do list when planning a trip to Bali, no matter what activities are on the agenda. If your wallet is stolen, if your camera goes missing, or if you end up in hospital, having travel insurance can help prevent you from being landed with a big bill. But, if you do plan on going white water rafting, consider purchasing a travel insurance policy from Chubb that covers adventure sports including cover for white water rafting up to and including Grade 3 of the international scale of river difficulty and with a qualified guide*. Although not all insurers cover adventure sports, some providers that do cover activities such as abseiling may not cover white water rafting, so it’s important to remember to always check the type of adventure sports that are covered before purchasing any policies.

Make the Right Choice

There are heaps of white water tour operators in Bali, so it can be tricky to choose the right one. Your number one concern should be safety – not your budget. Don’t choose the cheapest option if it doesn’t look safe. If you can’t afford it, you probably can’t afford the broken leg that comes with unsafe practices and unsafe equipment either. Always choose a licensed rafting outfitter with experienced and qualified guides to ensure you’re safe while out on the rapids.

Stay Protected

Staying safe also means thinking about your surroundings. If it’s sunny, put on sunscreen. If you’re going to get wet, make sure you wear the right outfit. Remember, synthetic material clothing is better than cotton, so be prepared and pack properly before you leave your hotel. Lastly, before you step foot in the raft, ensure the safety gear is in working condition, and that it looks sturdy and up to the task. Then, it’s simply a matter of listening to your guide – and having fun!

*Terms, conditions and exclusions apply